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who we are

The Visibilia Group, founded in Italy, is one of the few major international competitors managed by its owners in the field of corrective glasses and sunglasses. The company’s headquarters are now located in Heubach in Swabia, whilst another important part of the company, Visibilia S.A., can be found in Barcelona in Spain. As well as its own ranges KAORI, Moxxi and Moxxi Titan, MASAO and Visitec20 which represent the basis of the company, Visibilia has concluded an intense license cooperation with the well-known international fashion company Tom Tailor. Growth has given us an excellent position in the market in recent years and we are constantly working to develop this. 20 years of successful trading and activity speak doesn’t need further explanation.

It is our close cooperation with our licence partners, designers and fashion specialists which inspires our products’ proximity to the market and their identity and makes them unique. We also, of course, pay attention to the all-important factors that have enabled us to be successful for many years: very high saleability of the products, excellent support in the field and in the office, a good delivery service and the constant development of our services and marketing support. We believe in focussing on the market and being open to the wishes of the consumer. Good quality and a fair price/performance ratio is a matter of course. We love our product and live our design – for you – our customers.
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