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Thomsen Eyewear

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About Thomsen Eyewear

The Idea
We aspire to make sellable frames in high quality with an original and yet contemporary touch.

Trend of Denmark: original and contemporary frames
Trend of Denmark draws on the classical trends. We constantly look for the original and at the same time contemporary expression. Also in the choice of colours where we love “noisy colours without noise”. Other keywords are; nice to wear, a continuous search for quality down to the smallest details.
A good frame design is when shape, colours, and the choice of material all works for the better and expresses a personal style. We always use light and stable materials like stainless steel and titanium.

Company history
Having worked in the optical field for many years the company was founded in August 2003 by Morten Thomsen. Morten has a masters in business.
In 1993 Morten started an optical shop in Copenhagen. For 6 years he succesfully ran the shop together with an optical partner. In 1999 he sold it and started working for Filtenborg A/S in Copenhagen – one of the biggest wholesale companies in Scandinavia.

August 13, 2003 Morten founded OptikCompaniet. In the beginning he ran it from his home address in Slagelse.
From the start on the idea was to supply good quality frames at competitive prices and still keeping the excellent service know from his first shop.

In 2005 he designed the first collection O.C. Trend which was the forerunner for the recent collection Trend of Denmark

In 2006 he employed his first office employee and first salesman. And in the autumn of 2008 the company moved to its present and much bigger location on Norgesvej 12 in Slagelse.

In January 2009 Gitte Bjerregaard was brought on and later a second employ was added in the office. Gitte is originally edducated as an optician and worked as such for many years.
In 1996 Gitte started working as a saleswoman selling high fashion brands as Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, etc. In her last job she worked for Saffilo. She works both as a saleswoman, key account manager and as trend spotter.

In the Autumn of 2010 Morten and Gitte introduced the new collection “Trend of Denmark”. Here they joined forces and together they have created an original and yet contemporary collection of optical frames.

We look forward to sharing this vision with all of you who loves optical frames especially hot original and contemporary frames.
If you want to find out more you are always welcome to contact us.

You are also welcome to contact Morten or Gitte directly.